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Welcome to Stitches in Time: Fashion Through the Ages We are a business dedicated to creating hats, headwear, and accessories for the historically-minded enthusiast. Having performed in many reenactments and Renaissance faires over the years, we understand your needs: high durability, high quality, high historical appearance, and low cost. We specialize in creating period headwear using weather-resistant supplies. Please enjoy our creations and contact us if you have any questions.
We at Stitches in Time believe that looking like your character is the best part of portraying a historical persona. Whether you are looking to buy a ready-made clothing piece or a custom-made creation, we will work with you to get you looking your best.

While we specialize in making historical hats, we also offer a wide variety of clothing pieces including bodices, doublets, Irish dresses, chemises, bloomers, capes, cloaks, and accessories.
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Victorian Men's Top Hat
Victorian Riding Hat
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